Little Letter Craft Kits are designed to provide variety in terms of style and content from issue to issue.   We try to encourage a range of skills and creative elements, and endeavour to suit children of varying interests and levels of ability.

Some of our crafts are based on "assembly", as is the case in our Under the Sea craft, where the child presses out the shapes from a pre-perforated card to create a small theatre scene and a 3D shark.  In this example, the creative element lies in how the child uses the craft once assembled.  It encourages them to create a story for the characters, developing their imaginations.

Other crafts, such as our Glittery Fish, have been designed to focus on motor skills such as cutting. These crafts aim to involve the child in the preparation of some of the materials, rather than providing them with all of the elements pre-prepared.  Children love cutting, but can become frustrated if the craft requires a level of skill beyond their abilities.  By providing pre-cut strips that they can easily hold and simply ‘snip’ into smaller pieces, the child will hopefully find a sense of achievement in preparing the ‘fins’ for this craft.  

Some crafts have been specifically designed to be much looser in terms of defining how the end product should look, such as in our Outer Space themed craft. These are "expressive" crafts, that allow the child greater freedom in designing the end product, rather than dictating how the end product should look.  

Throughout the year, we have aimed to provide a mixture of the styles mentioned.  In addition, we have attempted where possible, to allow some flexibility in terms of the difficultly level of crafts.  For example, our Weather Board craft requires the child to cut out some weather symbols.  The child can either follow the ‘easy’ approach by cutting out the squares that hold each symbol, or they can attempt the more difficult task of cutting around the dotted lines that follow the shape of the symbol.

The crafts are designed to take 5-15 minutes to complete.  The suggestions provided on the accompanying craft sheet allow the child to extend the theme into the remainder of their week if they wish to do so. Setting each craft within the context of a theme for the week solidifies and reinforces the child's understanding of the craft and the theme.

We really believe that we have sourced fun, amazing crafts that children will enjoy!  Completed crafts give children a great sense of achievement, and we are confident that children will want to 'show and tell' their creations.

Subscription packages

Two months - £20 - 8 crafts in total (2 crafts posted twice a month in 4 packages)

Three months  - £30 - 12 crafts in total (2 crafts posted twice a month in 6 packages)

Box sets

Posted as a single pack containing ten crafts from £17.50.

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"Our first pack arrived this morning and both myself and my daughter were delighted.  She couldn't believe it when she saw her name on the envelope, enjoyed making her craft and hasn't stopped playing with it all morning!  We can't wait to see what "The Little Letter Bird" brings next week!"
"My daughters Little Letter is there waiting for her when she returns from nursery and she thoroughly enjoys each and every craft."
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